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Photo Streak Editor, Collage Maker

As there are many photo editor software available in the market but the best one is that it changes a normal photo into something genuinely mind-blowing. One of the up to mark photo editor for Android system is Photo Streak which is available free of cost at Play Store. One can download this amazing photo editor and can use its intuitive features on the photos and make them up to the required standard. The features of this software are discussed here one by one:

1. Single Editor:

Under this name, there are countless aspects available. in this feature, again many categories of photo editor are available.

2. Basics:

Under this Basics Heading, many outstanding characteristics are accessible. One can do photo orientation to left and right with the 90-degree angle with the Left and Right options. The mirror image of the photo can be made along both axes with Horizontal and Vertical options. Zoom in and zoom out are available. One can move the photo in the frame with Left, Right, Up and Down option.

3. Stickers:

This feature is all about fun as with this many animated stickers can be edited in the already taken phot.

4. Background:

Much vibrant color and beautifully unique pattern backgrounds are available. These textured and animated patterns add a great visual impact to the image.

4. Text Addition

Adding a text to photo make an extraordinary difference to the image. A variety of text styles and fonts are available.

5. Blur image background:

With this one can blur the background of the photo or hide some unwanted details and high light other portion of the photo and make it more attractive.

6. Filter

Filters are used to enhance some colors, tint other colors. Add different shades of color grading. Many color-changing filters are available which will give a completely different look to the photo. As a vintage style, grayscale, halo, blue, sweet are some of the examples.
An eye-catching result can also be created by integrating different light impacts and textures which change the overall look and appearance of the photo. Unlimited options are available in filters, lights, and textures. By using these an amazing view is given to the photo.

7. Frames

Brighten your photo with vibrant frames and borders. Choose from our wide collection of free photograph frames and add style to the photo. From family photographs to the work of art, a splendid picture needs a classy and coordinating frame. We have an abundance of frames to browse in an amazing style, all prepared to outline any of your photographs. Frames add direct attention to the photo. Differentiating hues between the subject and frame are likewise useful in gaining an observer’s attention.

8. Photo Collage Maker

A collage is a visual depiction produced using a collection of various photos, materials, and sources making entirety a new photo. Making impressive and remarkable photograph collage and composition is an incredible decision to add to your social media. With Photo Streak collage maker, there are a huge amount of montage layouts for you to look over. Exquisite formats assist you with making your photograph collections into artistry in only a couple of minutes. You will discover an image layout style that matches the event and addresses the needs.
Maximum 9 number of photos can be selected and can be arranged in multiple manners. Dimensions of photos can be changed and backgrounds can be added. Text and stickers can also put together to enhance the collage. Spacing between different images and making the corners round option is also available and make the collage breathtaking.

9. Mirror Effects:

To add cool effects in the photos, this is one of the best techniques. Creating mirror images is always mesmerizing. It is the simplest method that maintains the symmetry in the image as well as adds an artistic effect in the photo. The mirror image is an optical effect duplicates the photo and adjusts it in any dimension either in vertical or horizontal direction. Both vertical and horizontal effects can also be created at the same time to give the photo an extraordinary look.
From vertical flip to horizontal flip, double mirror effect, many options, and varieties are available in Photo Streak. Not only this, one can add 3D shapes along with the mirror effect which makes the photo more unique and attractive.
One of the finest features in this Photo editor is that with mirror effect, other effects like filters and text can also be incorporated in the photo to give it an amazing dimension.

10. Shapes

In this different shape, layouts are available to add a charismatic impact in a simply taken raw photo. Not only it will enhance the focal point of the image but also one can blur the background or can add different vibrant colored and textured backgrounds. The best point is, with implementing different layouts, other filters can also be applied at the same time.

5. Scrapbook:

In this, different photos and images can be preserved and arrange in the form of a scrapbook. It is like making a digital story in the shape of photos. It is like creating a memorable photo journal. With Photo Streak a perfect photo scrapbook can be created. Along with images, text can be added and decorated with frames and backgrounds, and enhanced with filters.